International exhibitions

Grady participated at the Florence Biennale 2011, as well as the SIEL de Paris in Paris 2012.

International exhibitions

Grady has exhibited in USA, UK, Italy, France, Germany, China and India on numerous occasions

Gallery owner

Grady is the owner of the Kunstehuijs Art Gallery in Swellendam, South Africa

Artist statement

"Coming from a Fashion background, my love for people will always feature in my work, whether in the form of nudes or faces. I am susceptible to people’s emotions, their joys and fears, therefore it is natural for me to paint faces with deep emotions, and yes sometimes the raw and gutted. There are times, especially in the times of fear and uncertainty, that I need to paint these deeply emotional paintings. And then there are times that I paint for the pure joy of it. Either way, my art comes from the heart, a passion that drives me and is expressed on canvas. I believe a true artist paints with his/her whole being, not merely to have a picture on a canvas. “The soul of an artist cannot be muted indefinitely. It must either be expressed or it will consume the host.” - Gerard de Marigny "

Women's Wisdom

As women we have such an enormous impact on society. Our wisdom and intuition are our greatest attributes.


My goddesses are an expression of my journey and my healing to come into alignment with my destiny.