Abstract Female Figures- A Journey of Discovery

Abstract Female Figures  by  Grady Tomlinson Zeeman

A Journey of Discovery

It is said that A Journey of Discovery is for the individual who is longing for deeper meaning in their life, within a small group of kindred spirits on a private tour or retreat. An extraordinary travel adventure that speaks to their Soul. In this series Zeeman explores her own journey to enlightenment, forgiving to the extent of seeing the value in all experiences.

“The bodies dance free, they float in the space of the artwork that does not enclose them, they prepare for the metamorphosis of being there in life, always with an ambition of expectations reaching towards the future, as is typical of the female universe to aspire further and further, always looking for a happiness and fulfilment that makes the fairy tale of life worth living, with all its colours, its shades and its moments characterised by joys and sorrow that are part of every human being, and which, even more often, weigh on the responsibilities of mothers and all women who feel that instinctive need to help, protect, share and support that is close to them in their daily life choices.”  Dott.ssa Elena Gradini, critics d’arte, 

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