An Online Art Gallery by  Grady Zeeman


Feminine, Free and Feisty

In this series Zeeman addresses female power, strength, forgiveness and love on the journey to equality. In the words of Melinda Gates: “ All women, everywhere, have the same hopes: we want to be self-sufficient and create better lives for ourselves and our loved ones.”




Inspired by the Lymph system and anatomy of the female breast, Zeeman adresses very relevant and current issues. Through her knowledge of the connection between emotions and health issues, she links the female struggle for recognition, equality and respect to that of the increasing number of women with breast cancer.

Even in darkness there is beauty

Inspired by the beauty of sky lights, glow worms and  fire flies, Zeeman contrasts light and dark in this series of hers. One can only value true joy if you’ve experienced pain, true growth if you’ve experienced suffering. Out of the darkest times in one’s life, something truly beautiful can develop if it is allowed. In each painting, one or more skulls have been incorporated, an homage to the Paris Catacombs, which Zeeman visited. The true beauty created through death, had a lasting impression on her. These skulls in her paintings symbolise letting go of old beliefs, fears and scars.



Artwork in this online gallery is for sale.

Please contact Grady for prices and shipping quotes. Artwork will be securely crated and shipped to any international destination. Options are door-to-door or to the nearest international airport. Client is responsible for shipping.


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