Biography of South African  Artist Grady Zeeman

Zeeman’s fondest memories as child was when her dad, Max Tomlinson taught her how to draw vintage cars, engines and aeroplanes. These lessons taught her the value of perspective and the mechanics behind what she sees. After she finished school, she applied to study Fashion Design at the Cape Technicon. She was accepted even though she had no Art training at school level. After her 3 years at College, she worked as a Designer in a Clothing factory in Cape Town.

In 1991 she married a farmer from her hometown and had 2 children. She continued selling drawings as an extra income and took up oil painting. However, between raising her children and assisting on the farm, her art took a backseat. It was only in 2005 that she started painting again. With the assistance of 2 of her friends, she did the roof of a local restaurant in an African theme. They were allowed a small exhibition space there as well. She earnestly developed her technical skills and broadened her knowledge of Art History. In 2008, she had her first international art exhibition and then her career developed from there. Since 2018 she has been based both in Swellendam and Cape Town, enjoying the best both worlds have to offer.

Gallery Owner

She was the owner of the Kunstehuijs Art Gallery from 2011 to 2017, where she not only represented  herself, but also numerous prominent South African artists.


National Diploma Clothing Design, Cape Technicon – 1986-1988
Diploma in Art Appreciation, The Art Institute – 2015
Navigating Today’s Art World: From Studios to Art Fairs, Sotheby’s Institute of Art – 2018
Art Gallery Management and Exhibition Design, Tina Ziegler – 2020


Other Qualifications:

Diploma in Gut Health – 2020
Diploma in Nutrition – 2020

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