Emerging from the Chrysalis

An Online Art Gallery by Grady Zeeman

 Emerging from the Chrysalis

From early childhood, Zeeman has been a fierce fighter for female empowerment and equality. Surrounded by powerful Tomlinson women, she believed that she was fearless and could achieve anything. However, as with most girls, the programming of culture and church took it’s toll and she too, fell into the trap of “ a man’s world”.

Inspired by vintage adverts and portrayal of the female role in society, Emerging from the Chrysalis depicts female feminism, powerfully leaving the male dominant restraints, blossoming into an exhuberant woman.

Artwork in this online gallery is for sale.

Please contact Grady for prices and shipping quotes. Artwork will be securely crated and shipped to any international destination. Options are door-to-door or to the nearest international airport. Client is responsible for shipping.

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