Female Power

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 Female Power

As child I was surrounded by incredibly powerful Tomlinson women. My great grandmother Aletta Amelia was a pillar of the community and a force to reckon with. One of my dad’s aunts was a qualified nurse, teacher and social worker. My Dad, who served as a flight engineer in WW2, used to tell me about the amazing female pilots. Needless to say, I was raised to be fearless, believing I can do anything. Until I turned 14 – the programming of our conservative culture and church, derailed all my beliefs. I was ridiculed for my dreams of being an artist, a pilot and an astronaut.  I was told that the books I read (I loved history, still do), my attitude and power was socially unacceptable and slowly the fear of being a spinster, like my powerful Tomlinson aunts, crept in. I dumbed myself in order to talk to boys, was more focused on how I looked and all the social events. I eventually qualified as a fashion designer, married a farmer and had children. Make no mistake, I adore my family, but since 14 I’ve carried around this anger. – If I were male, I needn’t have changed, I needn’t have chosen.

Yes, times have changed and a lot has been done to empower women, to equalize the playing field. Yet, I still see girls dumbing themselves down to impress boys, playing victims that need rescuing. I’m still in conversations where jokes are made at the expense of women, I still see women giving up amazing careers for marriage………….

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