South Africa

An Online Art Gallery by Grady Zeeman

Violent South Africa

I am gutted by the increasing violence in my beautiful country.  While the world turns a blind eye and our government denies the severity, Farm Murders are on the increase in South Africa. It is not that the life of a white farmer is more valuable than the life of a black woman or child,  killed by a stray bullet during gang violence. It is about the cruelty of the murders – mothers are raped and gutted in front of their children, fathers hacked with machetes or  grannies raped and strangled.   So easily poverty is being blamed, but if that was the case, the victims would have been robbed, not raped and slaughtered like animals. Unfortunately our government allows a small amount of savages to ruin lives, as well as the South African dream, for all races of this country.

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