South Africa

An Online Art Gallery by Grady Zeeman

Violent South Africa

I am gutted by the increasing violence in my beautiful country.  Though the latest xenophobic attacks are absolutely shocking, it is just devastating that both the media and the government do not give the same attention to the farm attacks and women being raped and killed. In the same time 7 foreigners were killed due to xenophobic attacks, 7 white women were killed. Please do not misunderstand, I am not racist and by no means is a life of a white woman more important than that of a black woman or child. To me, any life lost due to barbaric acts, is one too many. So easily poverty is being blamed, but if that was the case, the victims would have been robbed, not raped and slaughtered like animals. Unfortunately our government allows a small amount of savages to ruin lives, as well as a dream, for all races of this country.

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