South African Illusion

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 South African Illusion

The on-going violence in South Africa is the theme of Zeeman’s South African Illusion. While the world turns a blind eye and the South African government denies the severity, Farm murders are on the increase in South Africa. All life lost are a tragedy, but the cruelty of these farm attacks are devastating….. mothers are raped and gutted in front of their children, fathers hacked with machetes or  grannies raped and strangled.   So easily poverty is being blamed, but if that was the case, the victims would have been robbed, not raped and slaughtered like animals.

South Africa has become the breeding ground for syndicates and criminals – Innocent people caught up in gang wars, hijackings ending tragically, public transport being torched, cargo drivers killed and then the cargo looted and more. And then there are the ones falling victim to loved ones using the situation in South Africa – Anni Dewani, Jayde Panayiotou…………………………Every single person in the country is affected by the increasing crime.

Zeeman’s uninhibited and evocative portrayal of her subjects, emphasizes her own devastation and her deep connection with the land of South Africa and the African culture.

Older paintings in this series feature in the video below

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