Artist statement

Grady Tomlinson Zeeman Artist Statement

I paint for I am a passionate, powerful woman, with something to say

Growing up I was surrounded and inspired by very powerful women in my family. My great grandmother not only raised 13 children, but assisted her husband in building their business. She, with her sister the well-known Afrikaans author Maria E Rothmann “MER” were also very much involved in politics during the Anglo- Boer War.  My dad’s  three spinster aunts had careers, especially my favourite, Ursula who was a qualified teacher, social worker and nurse who worked on the Red Cross train in Europe during World War 2. My maternal grandmother raised her daughters alone after her divorce at 35.

 As a teenager I was powerful, convinced I could do and be anything, always advocating women’s rights and equality.

I studied and worked in Cape Town as a Fashion Designer before marrying a farmer from my home-town. It was made clear that my role should be that of the supportive wife. It took years of hard work to regain faith in my capabilities, confidence in being me and my self-worth. 

Unfortunately my story is the same as so many other women. For that reason most of my paintings revolve around females and their plea for recognition and equality.

However in my series ” Universal Wisdom”,  I focus on my experience and journey working with energy. I have learned that everything is energy, and therefore having an enthusiastic, optimistic mindset and releasing limited beliefs, can have an enormous positive influence on my life.

My preferred medium is oil, though I start with  a thin layer of acrylic. Often I would add other mediums, depending on the theme. As my life has different aspects, I find using the different media and textures represent me best.

I am grateful for my journey, for I have learned that

I am strong,

I can endure,

I am capable,

But most of all, I am a wild, wise, woman of worth

































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