Artist statement

Artist Statement

“I paint for I am a passionate, powerful woman, with something to say”. 

As Zeeman is interested in world history and politics, as well as in social matters, it is only fit for these aspects to be woven into her paintings.

Growing up Zeeman was surrounded and inspired by dynamic women in her family. As a teenager she too was powerful, convinced she could do and be anything, always advocating women’s rights and equality. Zeeman studied and worked in Cape Town as a Fashion Designer, got married and like so many other women, allowed herself to be overpowered by tribal beliefs of a woman’s role in society and the family. It took years of hard work to regain faith in her capabilities, confidence in being herself and her self-worth. Part of this growing process was learning about energy and how our beliefs and feelings, as well as our experiences can limit our lives.  She realised that everything is energy, whether in one’s own life, or connecting to family and friends, or even the wider political field. Low frequency beliefs always have a negative impact on our lives and society as a whole.

Whether Zeeman does abstracts or portraits, her passion for people – especially women, their struggles, fears and strive for recognition and equality, will always be a huge part of her inspiration. For her, using her art as an instrument to shed the light on current matters, is her Divine purpose. She too believes that ” Nothing is more powerful than seeing your message shared in the world – touching lives, inspiring people, doing things, becoming an entity of transformation” Viviana Puello

Zeeman’s preferred medium is oil, though she starts with a thin layer of acrylic. Depending on the theme of her work, she would add other media. She finds using a variety of media and textures in her abstracts, creates the movement and depth that reprensent emotions and energy best.

Characterized by melancholy with underlying aspects of spiritualism, Zeeman’s work illustrates sentiments relevant to the times, to which all people can relate.































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