Series 1 - Healing (Figurative paintings)

Though growing up I was surrounded by dynamic women in my family, I too allowed myself to be molded by society once I got married. My life as a Fashion Designer in Cape Town and that of a farmer's wife were incompatible, leading to depression and the manifestation of different illnesses through the years. 

Only when I gained knowledge in the field of emotional energy and spiritual connectivity, did I manage to heal my body and start to live a fulfilling life being true to myself.  I learned that all physical matter was connected to spiritual energy; and that emotional pain registers in the brain and manifests as physical pain in the body. All emotions have different frequencies and the low frequencies of negative emotions and limited beliefs have a devastating effect on the body.

Art has become part of my healing process, for each painting is part of my journey, whether through direct experience or a life lesson that I learned by observing my environment. As I am telling my own story, as well as that of so many other women, it is only fitting that I paint female portraits, each with added symbolism on this healing journey. My work is characterized by melancholy with underlying aspects of spiritualism.  My preferred medium is oil, though I start with a thin layer of acrylic. The color palette is mostly connected to energy healing, with the layers and texture symbolic of the emotional layers and difficulties we face in life.

As I am passionate about history, politics, and social matters, I desire that my work inspires others to heal by changing fear-based belief systems into those of hope, love, and abundance. In the words of Rumi: " The wound is the place where Light enters you"


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